Transistor Legacy Series

Based on the Marshall Lead 100 MOSFET

Lead 100 Gold

A mid-gain amplifier, with a lot of tonal similarities to the Plexi and JCM800 valve amps that Marshall is famous for.

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Based on the Marshall Valvestate 8100

8100 Gold

Producing a very thick, saturated high gain tone, it was popular amongst metal bands in the mid-90's.

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Based on the Randall RG100ES

RGX 100

High gain, tight and aggressive. We've evolved the RG design for the 21st century.

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Based on the Peavey Decade


Fuzzy, warm and gritty distortion, perfect for grunge, stoner rock and everything in between.

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Based on the Ampeg VH140c

Vader 140

Featuring a novel "dynamic bias" feature, the design produces an extremely hard clipping gain, with lots of harmonics, and lots of gain.

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Based on the Sunn Beta Lead

Omega Lead

Synonymous with stoner rock and doom metal, the original amp was one of the most versatile amplifiers ever designed.

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Based on the Peavey Bandit TransTube

Red Stripe

The practice amp that found itself shaping the sound of the Scandinavian metal scene. Aggressive tones, lots of variety and a wide range of tone control.

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