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Pedal Stand

Pedal Stand

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For the guitarist who doesn't want to keep their expensive pedal on the floor.

As more people use guitar pedals in a studio setting, and not just as "stomp boxes", we felt the need to design a good pedal stand, with ergonomics and practicality at the forefront.

The stand is made from stiff aerospace-grade aluminium, and then sandblasted and oxidized for a durable, attractive finish. The three slots on the face allow jumper cables to be tucked through, and the unit can accommodate 1 large pedal, 2 standard (Boss / 1590B size) pedals or 3 mini pedals.

the horizontal slots on top provide a handy feature for cable management, and on the rear of the unit, you can mount a power supply for an all-in-one approach.

This is the first iteration of the stand, and we would really appreciate feedback on the design, so we can evolve it and add more features. Our goal is to make the most robust and practical pedal stand ever designed, and your feedback can help!

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