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Red Stripe

Red Stripe

Solid State Preamplifier

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Based on the Peavey* Bandit 2000-2004 model (a.k.a. the "Red Stripe" model)

Versatile. Ubiquitous. Brutal.

Based on yet another underrated "practice" amp, that found itself shaping the sound of the Scandinavian metal scene. When coupled with a quality speaker cab, inside we find a solid-state circuit that's one of the best ever built; aggressive tones, lots of variety and a wide range of tone control.

* Peavey is a registered Trademark of Peavey Electronics Corporation.

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Product Details - Red Stripe


  • Gain - The main gain control for the preamp
  • Bass, Mid, Treble - A 3-band passive tone control. But be aware; this amp is very bass heavy, and very scooped (even without the Scoop switch engaged).
  • Volume - Controls the output signal amplitude.
  • Boost - Introduces an additional gain stage into the signal chain.
  • Scoop - Enhances the mid scoop of the amplifier, for a hard-hitting 90's metal tone.
  • Shift - Shifts the centre frequency of the mid control downwards by a small amount. This is a very subtle control, but was included for the sake of completeness of the original circuit.
  • Active Switch - Engages or bypasses the pedal with a relay (true bypass).

How to match the 3 original "modes":

  • Vintage - Boost Off, Scoop Off, Shift Off
  • Modern - Boost On, Scoop On, Shift On
  • High Gain - Boost On, Scoop Off, Shift Off

The original

The Peavey Bandit. It's been around for over 40 years, in multiple incarnations. Everyone seems to have their favourite model, but one seems to stand above the rest; the "red stripe" Bandit.

Released in the early 2000's, it was Peavey's second iteration of their "TransTube" technology, which was utilized in most of their budget amplifiers at the time. TransTube technology was patented in the mid 90's, and with the patents now expired, the circuit designs of the era can be legally replicated. It should be noted that there is absolutely nothing particularly ground breaking about "TransTube"; it's almost entirely a marketing term for amplifiers developed by Peavey which have a topology more closely resembling what you'd find in valve amplifiers, than in solid state amplifiers of the time, which usually utilized op-amps to achieve their sound, or transistor gain stages designed for a much harsher, buzzier sound. In contrast, TransTube amps were designed to more closely resemble the sound of classic designs, with cascading gain stages feeding each other, to boost the gain higher and higher.

The Bandit is an absolute beast of an amp, offering gain and brutal tone in spades, at an affordable price, in a physical package that could withstand the handling of even the edgiest teenage metal bands to ever play your local battle of the bands.,


  • True Bypass with Relay switching.
  • Soft-touch footswitches.
  • Internal voltage-boost mechanism ensures circuit runs at same voltage as the original amp.
  • Aluminium enclosure with durable powder coat finish.

Technical Specs

  • Power Requirement: 9V DC, 190mA
  • Power connector: 2.1mm center-negative barrel jack
  • Dimensions: 155mm (W) 125mm (D) 61mm (H)
  • Dimensions (with packaging): 185mm (W) 130mm (D) 70mm (H)