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Cloud Seed

Cloud Seed

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For more details on license types, please see section below

Cloud Seed is an algorithmic reverb plugin, designed for emulating huge, endless spaces and modulated echoes. The algorithms are based on the same principles as many classic studio reverb units from the 1980's. CloudSeed does not attempt to model any specific device, or even to be a general-purpose reverb plugin at all. It is best employed as a special effect, for creating thick, lush pads out of simple input sounds.

After 10 years, this legendary plugin finally comes to MacOS, and has received a much needed overhaul, a brand new UI, fixing many compatibility issues and bringing it up to standard for modern DAW workflows.

User Guide

Note: This plugin offers a fully functional evaluation mode. It does not expire, but we ask that you purchase a license if you do continue using the product.

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When purchasing either Cloud Seed or Infinity Loop, a free license for the other plugin will be added to your cart.

Software Specifications

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 or 11 with 64-bit processor.
  • MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

Supported Processors

  • PC: 64-bit processors with AVX support (all Intel and AMD processors after 2013)
  • Apple Native Silicon support (M1 and later).
  • Apple 64-bit Intel support.

Plugin Formats

  • VST - Windows and MacOS.
  • Audio Unit - MacOS only.

License Types

  • Personal - For hobbyists, students and other non-profit use.
  • Professional - For commercial use. If music is your primary source of income, or you are purchasing on behalf of a business, please choose this license.

Note: This plugin can be installed without a license for an unlimited time evaluation.

About This Plugin

Installation Guide

Windows Installation Guide

When installing on Windows, you may receive warnings while installing the software.

Please ensure you have downloaded the software from our official website ( Do not use versions found on any other website!

Your browser may show a warning such as this. Please click the arrow and select “Keep”.

Chrome download warning dialog


You may also get warnings when running the installer. Please follow these pictures to allow installation

    Windows installation warning dialog

    MacOS Installation Guide

    Our MacOS installer is digitally signed and verified by Apple. It should not raise any warnings when launching.


    However, in some rare cases the operating system may warn you about installing software downloaded online. In order to get around this warning, please Control-click the .pkg installation file, choose Open With -> Installer app

    MacOS context menu to install software

    A warning popup might appear, please click Open.

    MacOS warning dialog about unverified software

    Your installer should open and you can follow the normal installation process from there.

    Cloud Seed Core - Open Source Algorithm

    The core algorithm of Cloud Seed is open source. It has been adapted to several other use-cases and is used in commercial hardware products.

    CloudSeedCore Repository on Github

    Other products and platforms using Cloud Seed

    Teile Elektronik - TEIL2 Revolo

    Cloud Seed on the Terrarium DIY Digital Pedal

    Cloud Seed on the Daisy Seed Platform

    Infinity Loop Core - Open Source Algorithm

    Coming soon!